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We guarantee quality!

Experience - over 20 years! More than 10,000 orders completed!



DISCOUNT for the engraving inscriptions with gold - 50%!

We provide the discount - 50% of the cost of
engraving inscriptions coated with "gold" paint on the ceiling, granite tables or other details . Do not miss out!

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I passed all city firms, and only stopped at this company. They set the highest quality.


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Our workshop has more than 19 years engaged in manufacturing various tombstones structures: typical and exclusive granite monuments, tombs, elite monuments, memorial complexes of granite and marble.

Highly qualified specialists of our company execute any order - from standard to exclusive ones.

We fulfill all the wishes and needs of our clients.

You will receive competent advice to help you determine the type of monument.

The work on the monument begins with a sketch. The starting point may be an existing layout and sketch, but also all possible ideas and wishes of the client. When you create a sketch of the monument or tombstone, our experts may calculate different ways to implement the client's desires and choose the only right decision to implement ideas. As a result, completely unique and exclusive tomb may appear.

We guarantee quality! Our experience is more than 19 years!  More than 10,000 completed orders!

Hurry up - it's only _30_days left before the Easter!!! Every client gets a granite vaze for FREE!

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