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We guarantee quality!

Experience - over 20 years! More than 10,000 orders completed!

• 1500 types of granite monuments and feretories on display in the shop, in catalogs, albums and sketches;

Our wide range will satisfy even the most demanding customer!

• Building and facing of the feretories;

• Windowsills, tables, stairs, fireplaces, etc.;

• Execution of order - up to 1 month!

• Installing all over Ukraine and abroad (experience installing in Romania, Hungary, Belarus');

• Exclusive designs, individual approach to everyone;

• Ideal portraits, inscriptions handmade by skilled artists;

• Vases, candlesticks, statues, angel sculptures;

• Bronze items, granite and forged tables and benches;

• Making pavers and tiles around;

• Restoration of old structures;

• Consultations and first out-off-office visits to the client are free of charge;

• We conduct our work with clients officially under the contract;

• Free delivery around Lviv. The lowest price for delivery around Lviv region.

Quality is above all for our family bussiness! We provide a guarantee of at least 5 years for granite products and 10 years for installation!


More than 10,000 orders executed in 20 years our family business!



Under UAH 2,000 we can offer granite suites: stella, base and curbs, which are imposed directly on the base;  or large ceilings stone (one unpolished side) with stand; or small children's memorial.

Please see more options in the "Special Offers".

In the price range from UAH 2000 to 5000 you can order the monuments of marble chips (single, double and partitioned) with a simple design or by individual projects and artistic performance; or small children's monuments.

For the amount of UAH 5 000 to 10 000 you can afford simple granite monuments; or combined monuments of marble chips bottom part and granite top.

In the price range from UAH 10 000 to 30 000 we offer granite monuments, designed and customized, with probably more complex elements (columns, fences with bullets, curly trim); or products made of the more expensive types of granite.

Moreover, we build and face the feretories, but the price is usually set individually.




OFFICE by the Train Station

14 Fedkovycha Str., office 1, 2nd floor

Working days and hours: every day from 9:00 to 20:00.

Please pre-call.


Own production in Lviv and Exhibition:

33 Navrotskyy Str.,

Working days and hours: Monday - Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00, without  a lunch-break.



              Please contact us by phone:

(032) 245-37-71    (066) 089-83-89

(097) 262-33-43    (093) 685-04-94


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I passed all city firms, and only stopped at this company. They set the highest quality.

Review posted: Inna