Inscriptions on tomb


forget not,

not return


your eternal sleep - our eternal sorrow


pain heart squeezes, bitterly weeping soul.

No more sorrow, as loss ridnenka,

your life


Remember me when you come

in your kingdom


you died too soon,

No one could save you

Deep in the heart of our wound

while we are alive - with us you


life to live. but as a worthy ...

you, as always, stepping forward

went into eternity proud gait,

knowing the truth hidden secret


This native, holy,

Such good as you

This pure, simple

Even if we no not find


Mother's Prayer, and day and night

It hurts the soul and weeping eyes

Tears flow does not dry out,

A soul ballads tear


Life, you our dear son and brother

Gave very few years,

But instead of happiness, joy, hope,

Gave a gift to this granite


Friends are forgotten

And sorrow and grief - all will be,

A mother's heart is broken

Nowhere will not find peace


It hurts the soul tears flow

And our grief is not the end

In life you should pay more

For such forces, unfortunately, no


water your eyes closed

Save you we could not

Sleep sleep calm, our dear son

You us all, forgive all


Bow their heads sad.

All of your children, husband, grandchildren

Take our bow to the ground

And longing eternal separation


Sleep peacefully our dear,

Get the will of fate

Let our sadness, immeasurable anguish

Do not disturb your dreams


In a day when spring buyala,

A heart so wishes to live,

You, our dear, no more

And we can not change anything