Methods dobichi granite

The quality of granite is strongly influenced by the manner in which it is produced. There are three main ways to extract the stone. Most of them are amateurish and, unfortunately, the most common - production by the explosion. In rock drilling by doing is a deep hole, where lay the charge and undermined. Among the breakaway pieces of rock are selected by the largest blocks, which are then cut into slabs. Advantages of this method of extraction of stone lies in the fact that it is extremely cheap. But the disadvantages outweigh this advantage. First, the quality suffers extracted species: the explosion in the structure of the stone cracks occur that affect the strength of the material. Second, this method of development of the field is extremely irrational, since the explosion of rock crumbles: big chunks which are suitable for sawing, make no more than 70%, while the remaining 30% goes to waste. 

The second method of extraction of granite - a method of breaking off with an air cushion. It is similar to the first method is the fact that the breed is also a hole in a tank is laid, which is inflated with air under high pressure. This method avoids the appearance of cracks in the structure of stone and is more economical in terms of expenditure of the deposit and can more accurately predict the location fault rocks than in virtually uncontrolled explosion. 

Third, the most expensive way of getting granite - a method of stone-cutters - now the most popular. Stone extraction by this method allows to avoid cracks and allows the most rational way to develop the field.