Pros granite

One of the main advantages of granite used for facing facades, - durability of the coating. The best proof of this - thousands of buildings throughout the world, faced with granite and did not change its appearance over the centuries.

Other, not least the quality of granite - its beauty. It is difficult to name another finishing material, which would be so harmoniously combined rigor and glamor, monumentality and grace. The city, the buildings in which are faced with granite, acquires its own unique "person." Who could forget the granite outfit Petersburg or Berlin, which gives this city a truly royal majesty!

However, granite is not only used in the decoration of the city's buildings, embankments and bridges. It is equally important area of application is a private building. In this case, natural stone not only serves as a finishing material, and as a symbol of prosperity, wealth, robustness and reliability. Private homes, in the internal and external decoration which used natural stone, with each passing year it becomes more and more. This is not surprising. After all, with the technology of laying stone cladding will be virtually forever.