forget not,

not return


your eternal sleep - our eternal sorrow


pain heart squeezes, bitterly weeping soul.

No more sorrow, as loss ridnenka,

your life


Remember me when you come

in your kingdom


you died too soon,

No one could save you

Deep in the heart of our wound

while we are alive - with us you


life to live. but as a worthy ...

you, as always, stepping forward

went into eternity proud gait,

Most of the drawbacks of granite more contrived than real. But even around the obvious facts so often formed conjectures that an unbiased look into that, what are the disadvantages of natural stone and how they are important, it is difficult.

One of the main advantages of granite used for facing facades, - durability of the coating. The best proof of this - thousands of buildings throughout the world, faced with granite and did not change its appearance over the centuries.

The quality of granite is strongly influenced by the manner in which it is produced. There are three main ways to extract the stone. Most of them are amateurish and, unfortunately, the most common - production by the explosion. In rock drilling by doing is a deep hole, where lay the charge and undermined. Among the breakaway pieces of rock are selected by the largest blocks, which are then cut into slabs. Advantages of this method of extraction of stone lies in the fact that it is extremely cheap. But the disadvantages outweigh this advantage.

Breed of granite - granite, syenite, diorite, gabbro, labradorite, monocytes, teshenity, granite, etc., formed by the eruption of magma and its introduction into the voids crust at a considerable depth. As a result of slow cooling of the overlying strata under the pressure of the earth, these rocks are well crystallized and have a strong holocrystalline, usually granoblastic texture.

Granite - acidic intrusive igneous rock. It consists of quartz, plahyoklaza, potassium feldspar and mica - biotite and / or muscovite. Granites are widespread in continental crust. Efuzyvni analogues granite - ryolytы. The density of granite - 2600 kg / m ³, compression strength of 300 MPa.