Visiting and cleaning of monuments during all year. Price is negotiable

Our artists by hand execute portraits and inscriptions. 

An important guarantee is that client accepts the executed artistic work, and in case of mix-up of the portrait or inscription, an artist for his own account redoes a portrait or inscription for a new one. Therefore similarity with a photo and quality of implementation are assured.

In a presence there are various types of quality concrete tile and roadway of different sizes, forms and colors. We set tiles and pavement on concrete basis (thickness is not less than 4 cm), that allows to us with a confidence to guarantee its firmness and longevity.

Our brigade of skilled masters sets monuments (1-3 weeks, depending on works complexity), builds the tombs (to 1 month), assembles a window-sill, tabletops etc.

We guarantee the quality of establishment for 10 years.

We can provide dismantling 

 The delivery is for FREE in Lviv. We provide a delivery in Lviv area for the minimum cost.


After arrangement of the order and, in some cases, before it our experts visit the place and conduct measurements, analyze the terrain, due to soil or altitude valley of the same place, adjacent

When making an official agreement, we require payment of 50% of price.